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Meaning And Types Of Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is an exact endeavor to figure out information by making use of intensified abilities of perception; or innate extensions of the fundamental human senses of touch, sight, taste, instinct, and sound. There are claims that these innate extensions are Claircognisance (existing knowledge), clairvoyance (vision), Clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling) and the resultant statements produced throughout such a trial. Despite the fact that controversies surround psychic readings, there has been persistence of a popular interest in them. Far-reaching experimentation to duplicate psychic results under laboratory conditions have recorded failure in discovering any phenomena that is precognitive in humans. Psychic readings are pseudoscience. Psychics are allowed, by a cold reading skill, to yield seemingly exact information concerning a person from wide statements and social perception.


Several types of psychic readings are in practice. Even though psychic readings might not include the use of any implements, it is possible for a professional psychic to possess one or more specialized fields of knowledge. Among the more frequent psychic readings are palm reading, astrological readings, aura readings, psychometry, email psychic reading, and Tarot reading.


Astrology: This is the old age study of the way in which far away objects in the cosmos, for example, the stars and planets, have influences on us. There is a belief that the position of the moon, planets, sun, and stars at the time of one’s birth has an effect on the person’s life. There is no requirement of psychic ability in astrology.


Aura reading: This has to do with perception and explanation of aura. Psychics claim to have the ability to read people’s aura.


Cartomancy or playing card reading: The act of divination or fortune-telling making use of a deck of cards is what is known as Cartomancy. An example of cartomancy is the Tarot.


Cleromancy: in cleromancy readings, small objects are usually cast and they are usually by through their mutual proximity, position, and orientation.


Distant Readings: otherwise called “remote perception” or “travelling clairvoyance”, distant readings may be conducted without any contact between the reader and client. Examples include SMS, Chat, Telephone, etc.


Lithomancy and Crystallomancy: With an unknown origin, lithomancy readings involve particularly appropriate stones and gems absorbed in water, or rolled as a set and read by common closeness. Also called crystal gazing, crystallomancy is a lately more frequent variant in which quartz is used as a crystal ball.


Numerology: This is the study of the supernatural meanings of numbers and the effects they have on human life. It is used in psychic readings.


Palm reading: This is a widely known form of psychic readings which involves the description and prediction of one’s future by studying the shapes, curves, wrinkles, and lines on the palm.


Psychometry: A type of psychic reading in which there is a claim by the reader to acquire details concerning someone through physical meeting with their possessions.


Rune reading: This involves studying ancient alphabets (runes) for discerning future occurrences.


Tarot Reading: it is common to find tarot readings at psychic exhibitions since they can be used as a cold reading tools or as a psychic, even though they do not need psychic abilities. Tarot cards are so popular today that they are commonly considered mainly as entertainment.


In conclusion, psychic readings, particularly the authenticity of the claims made, have been greatly challenged by skeptics, with many claiming that they are mere tricks.

What are Psychic Love Readings?

If you are one of millions of people that has yet to find their soulmate or true love, the problem may be that you are not going about it in the right way. In today’s modern world, people try all sorts of ways to find someone that loves them back without any real direction. This means that you may be walking right by the person who will bring happiness to the rest of your life.

The answer lies in looking to the past where for centuries psychics have been using their abilities to help bring people together. Psychic love readings are one of the most powerful methods that can be used to help you find the one that you are meant to be.

What are Psychic Love Readings?

Basically, this is a specific type of reading that a psychic does for you that reveals important information about future events. It starts with the psychic asking you a few questions and then they will go over the events that they see in your future. What a psychic does see is not set in stone as future events may change considerably based on your actions.

The reading session usually lasts about five to fifteen minutes, perhaps a little longer depending on the amount of information that is available. During this time, you can ask questions that will help guide the psychic in finding the information interests you the most. For readings about love, the general questions usually revolve around when you will find someone, how they will appear to you, and what you need to do in order to find them.

How it Works for You

After you have a psychic love reading, the next step is to take the information that was provided and put it into your life. Only by finding the right course of action will you meet the one who was meant to be in your life.

Direction: It’s amazing how psychic love readings can put you on the right direction to find that special someone in your life. Quite often, it is information that you might have overlooked or perhaps did not recognize its importance. That’s why having a reading from a psychic is so valuable in your life.

Insight: Not only will you find out more about your true love, you will also find out more about yourself. This means that the insight provided adds a greater perspective to you and your actions which may be inadvertently keeping true love at bay.

Patience: Remember that one reading is most often not enough simply because the future is an ever-changing series of events. However, even a single reading can provide you with the information needed to put you on the right path. All you really need from that time forward is patience as the one you are meant to be with will be in your life. It may not be today, tomorrow, or this week, but it will happen if you stay on course.

Psychic love readings provide you with valuable information not only about who and when you’ll fall in love, but the way to get there.

Psychic love reading guide

The psychic love reading will help you to answer all the questions that you about your love life. Also it can solve relationship problems that you are experiencing. This will help you to find out the truth about your love situation. A psychic love reading will help you know if you are on the right path or not.

The right one

Your family and friends can offer you help when in need, but they cannot tell about your future. They may not know is really the right person for you or the right time for you. They may warn you about somebody you are in a relationship with. There is a chance that they can be wrong. Make sure the information you get is right before throwing away the person.


If your fiancé, girlfriend or spouse is cheating, some feelings may tell you to look out for cheating signs. Some signs may be deceiving, although the signs may be clues. Don’t stress yourself, needlessly for no good reason.  You may be right, wasting time with somebody who takes you for granted and takes advantage of you.  Yes or no, there is trouble brewing up, and you may want to know the truth. A psychic reading can help you to know whether you are imagining and creating scenarios in your mind or finding a cheater who does not deserve you.

Free psychic love reading

The strength of psychic reading should not be underestimated. Free psychic love reading is as accurate as the paid for psychic reading. People may imagine a scene with a deck of cards spread on the table. Mist might be swirling in the air, sheer silence or mysterious sounds. The gypsy read the crystal ball or the cards. But this is not true. Most psychic people look just like any other normal person.

Some psychics offer free love reading so as to attract more people to their services. Others do it to practice and refine their skills.

Pros of free psychic love reading

  • It is free. You will get answers to questions that you have been asking yourself and others. Also you may not find some answers to some questions. You not lose anything. The services are for free.
  • Readily available. There are free psychic love readings on Facebook or the internet. Spend little of your time and do research. You can find one to help you.
  • Diversity. There is a wide variety of readers available. Some readers specialize in tarot cards, runes, psychic events and others intuitive. Also do research to figure out which type of reading that can interest you.
  • Fast service. You can get these services fairly quickly. It only takes a very short moment.

Disadvantages of free psychic love readings

  • You can only ask few questions
  • Satisfaction is not guaranteed
  • You may be addicted to these readings
  • The skill level may be low
  • The depth of reading
  • You may not know what type of reading you are receiving. Know the difference between intuitive and tarot card reading





Review of the Site

You may have questions to certain aspects of your life that your friends, family, or colleagues may not be able to answer. Many people can wonder if there are other options to seek the answers they need. Often the occult can provide answers through methods that help us to understand what it is we’re asking, and to provide a better understanding of the world. The website may have the answers that you’re searching for.

This website is packed full of information, but is presented in an easy-to-navigate style. You’ll quickly see there are different ways of finding information, or talking to a psychic. You can choose to call the toll-free number, engage in an one-to-one chat with a psychic, or read through the information offered.

A tabbed menu will introduce you to the site’s psychics. You can read about your daily horoscope, and the latest psychic spotlight.

If you’re new to the site, there are many introductory offers. One is a session with a psychic for only a $1. To obtain the full benefits of the site you’ll need to register as a member. There is also a handy search feature so you can find what you need easily.

AskNow is one of the trusted websites to find psychics. You can be assured that you’re not going to get some crazy person who will be doing your reading. In fact, check out the photos of the psychics. They look like real people—and they are! The site is also trusted to keep your financial information safe. You’ll visit the site and feel confident in signing up and giving one of the promos a try. There are bundled plans from ten minutes, twenty, or thirty, ranging from $10 to $30.

Each of the psychics has a full profile, so you can check them out in advance and see what they specialize in. You have the option of calling or chatting online with them. The site also presents the psychics who are readily available, as not everyone can be online all the time.

Other options involve choosing a special packaged deal, which is great for when you’re not certain what exactly to get. These are fun deals. One option is to ask a free question when you purchase an intro deal. It’s simple to sign up. All the info they require from you at the beginning is your first name, email address and date of birth, which is extremely important for astrology readings and the occult.

Asknow also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can end your call or session if you feel it’s not working out. Your next step is to contact customer service and they’ll give you a credit so you can find an advisor that suits you.

The site also offers some great articles for your enjoyment. Many other psychics sites ignore other interests, but you’ll find yourself spending plenty of quality time on

Review of Site is a simple psychic website that is clearly laid out. You can find the information you need quite easily. The first thing you’ll notice is the new customer offer. This introductory offer is just $1 per minute, you’ll have the chance to try out the site for little risk.

Like other psychic sites, this is laid out with the menu buttons at the top. Besides the offers, there’s a tab where you can learn more about the site’s psychics. The photos of these psychics are professional. You won’t find a crystal ball reader wearing a scarf and sequins here.

There is also the option to read your daily horoscope for each sign and for each week. You can also read about how the week will bode for all signs.

There’s an “About Psychic Source” page where you can find everything you wish to know about the site. You’ll learn about the different types of psychics there are, as well as the different types of psychic readings that you can get.

There is also a page with plenty of helpful articles on everything from dealing with grief, to heath, wealth, and lifestyle articles. There are also videos, podcasts, and other types of media to enjoy.

Psychic Source also offers the unique gift idea of a Psychic Source gift card, so you can give the gift of a reading to any of your loved ones, friends, or colleagues who can benefit from this type of service.

This site is presented in a simple-no nonsense format. It’s been around for over twenty-five years, so they’ve had time to iron out the kinks and aim for the best quality psychic readers for their clients. This website is endorsed by Tori Spelling, so you can be assured that you’re receiving the best, and most trusted psychic service possible.

They carefully ensure that only quality psychics are hired. Each person who applies must go through a careful screening process. Each psychic must not only be gifted, but be professional, with great customer service skills. It’s important to put the client at ease in order to give them the most accurate reading possible.

Some people do better on the telephone, some with online chat. You can choose which you prefer. You can call the toll free number to speak to a psychic, or you can do an online chat on your computer, whichever you are most comfortable doing.

Psychic Source recognizes that you may need answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no time limits. If a question is keeping you up at night, all you have to do is call at any time to be able to receive the guidance and insight needed.

There is a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, in case you choose a psychic who isn’t quite right. Your minutes will be credited. offers a simpler solution to obtaining the answers you need to life’s tough questions, without all that showbiz glitz and glamor.

Astrology reading in various fields

How does astrology reading help in career?

It is weird when you hear that you need to go to someone else and know about yourself. This is what astrology reading is about. There are many of the astrologers who can describe you even before meeting you. It is done with the help of the birth date and birth time. There are many types of astrology for which people come and perform the astrology reading. Some of the applications of astrology reading are career advice, medical timing, business launches, buying new house, etc.

Astrology reading is a good way of understand the strengths and weakness of a person. The talents and shortcomings of the person can also be well known from astrology reading. The astrology reading helps to make money and it also suggest the arenas which are best for job satisfaction and fulfillment. If you choose a job on the basis of the vocational horoscope then it is a complex process. The process takes into account the character of a person, strengths and aptitudes and the things that makes someone feel happy. All these things show the career options that will work well for you. An astrologer good in the field of career can show the right direction when you are confused.

Medical astrology

Another type of astrology reading is medical astrology. The medical astrology is used for examining the best date for the medical procedures which include the surgeries. Certain astrology readings also indicate the changing in the medications. If you meet the medical astrologer you will be having more information which can help you to make the best decision about the treatment by the primary health care provider. There are people who become aware of the best time for surgery in order to avoid excessive bleeding and insure good result. Medical astrology can help in understanding the planetary weather.

Business astrology is also a part of astrology reading. Business and astrology are very strongly linked with each other. For many of the business minded folks, astrology is the missing link between the success and failure. Thus the signs and positions of planets are considered when the business needs to be on the success path. There are times when the product launch is to be done and the person goes for the astrology reading first. A great business astrologer will be able to alert the person about the possible challenges while launching the product. If you are also thinking of starting a new business then consult the business astrologer.

Finding the psychic abilities

Third eye

Psychic are the people who are able to tap into the sub conscious mind. There are many people who have the psychic abilities but they are cluttered with so many of the surrounding things that they are not able to know and enhance their psychic abilities. The psychic abilities can be tuned, brought out and well developed. You need to learn about the different types of psychic abilities. There are some of the people who are strong in the psychic area and some choose to focus on the expense of others. Just consider and imagine that you are using the third eye which means that you are using the chakra or the energy field. It is located above the real eyes. Imagine that the third eye is opening and it is expanding. See what you are able to see in the inner screen of mind. Now try this when your eyes are shut.

Terms of psychic abilities

Have you heard about clairvoyance? Clairvoyance is the ability to see the spirit images. One of the aspects of clairvoyance is remote viewing. It means the ability to view the things that are not commonly known by the senses of people. It works through the aura and receives the impressions from the communicators of the spirits. A remote location is to be thought for the purpose of remote viewing. You need to shut your eyes, and think about some location. Then shift your intention towards the third eye which is located upwards. Note down the first impression that comes into your mind and then write it down.

Now you might be clear about the term clairvoyance. So, I will explain about another term associated with psychic reading which is clairaudience. It is the ability to receive the impressions from spirits but it is in the form of sounds. The words are transmitted into the aura thought the subconscious mind of the medium and it works as if the medium is a telephone. For practicing the clairaudience you need to repeat the word that you are thinking about. This will help in developing the inner voice. Clairsentience is the ability where the ability is used to sense the emotions and personality of a spirit.

So, if you have even slight idea that you have the psychic powers then try doing these things and identify whether you have the real powers. There are many other ways which will help in identifying the powers of psychic.

Indications of tarot cards

Shuffling the cards

Once you have made the decision of performing tarot reading, bought the tarot cards and developed a quiet atmosphere it is the times for questions. The questioner should be asked to shuffle the cards. There are number of tarot card decks and some of them are very large. So, it is awkward to shuffle such large deck. It does not matter how the cards are shuffled by the guest. Then ask the questioner to cut the cards. It is also necessary that while performing this step the guest think about the question to be asked. There are number of spreads that can be used and it depends on you which one to use.

Some of the common spreads are 3 card spread where the 3 cards are spread. The cards are from left to right and they indicate past, present and future. Another famous spread is 5 card spread where 5 cards are spread in the upright arc. The cards are displayed from left to right and each card represents the present position, desires in present scenario, unexpected, immediate future and outcome. The next type of spread is Celtic cross where 10 cards are laid out and each card represent the present position, immediate influence, life, root, past influence, future influence, feelings, outside influence, hopes and outcome.

Choosing and arranging cards

Then ask the questioner itself to choose the card for each position in the spread. There are many of the tarot practitioners who ask the questioner to pick the card and lay it down and they do not even touch the card or the deck. After this is done the next step is to interpret the cards. There are two sections in the deck of tarot game major Arcana and minor Arcana. In the major Arcana there are 22 cards and in some of the decks these cards are numbered except the fool one. The different cards represent different stages of life, different aspects, situations that you will face and the abilities that you possess.

The minor Arcana contain 56 cards and they are divided into 4 suits of 14 cards each. They are similar to the normal playing cards. The suits are the wands, pentacles, cups and swords. Each of the suits contains 10 numbered cards and 4 court cards. The cups suit is also known as the chalice suit and is linked with hearts suit. The wands suit is known as staves suit and is linked with clubs suit.

Benefits of love psychic reading

Love psychic reading and tarot reading

The psychic interventions are the part of society and it has been since generations. From the past the interventions are passed to the current times. The difference is just that the love psychic reading has gone online which makes the people modern believer. Tarot reading is done in the love psychic reading and it is well known as well as one of the most trusted methods which are used for the psychic predictions. It is proved that the love psychic reading provides accurate results but this is a controversial topic and it depends on everyone’s thinking.

The meanings are derived when the cards are spread in love tarot card reading. The spread contains single card and the lover’s card is mostly frequently used in the love readings. It indicates the passion, intimate and loving symbols. It also signifies the partnership of any type of nature. The love psychic reading involves love tarot card reading which is very famously used and it works as the use of cards. The meaning will depend on the images that are represented on the cards. Each and every image has a different meaning and then the love psychic explains the client about the reading.

Why love psychic reading?

There are times when the cards are reversed and this shows the negative meaning. The love psychic explains the client on rectifying the situations and also to avoid the danger. There are many cards which can be used depending on the situation and as per the aspect. There are many benefits of the love psychic reading. The love psychic readings provide results with the help of which the psychic reader can provide advice and guidance. Love psychic reading provides clarity in the individuals and also helps in sensing certain situations. It also helps in making decisions for the confused situations. Love psychic reading helps in establishing the relationship which makes client happy.

If the person uses the advice given to him then he can lead to a better love life.  In the love psychic readings one is able to openly speak about the person and relations which can help in improving relations. Relationships can be repaired.  The burden of not speaking out is relived when the love psychic reading is performed. The conflicts are proper direction is shown to the client once the love psychic reading is done. Make sure that you don’t mix up the psychic reading of love with that of work and career.

Psychic reading cannot remove curse

Psychics and curse

When you are meeting a psychic reader, don’t be under impression that the psychics can curse you or can remove curses from you. A curse is a wish that can harm others but it is not possible unless the person allows anything to enter into their life. This is the thing on the basis of which number of psychics earns money. The psychics just say that they will remove the curse from people and earn their living on this basis. I would brief the story of a psychic and a woman. The psychic got an email form the woman who was not that rich and she wanted to meet the psychic as she was told by another psychic that if she did not give $18000 then she and her two children would die. The psychic sent many emails to convince the woman not to give money to that psychic and instead report to the authorities.

There are instances when the people are under the influence of something demonic or some negative entity. In such cases the psychic should help the client in removing such negativity and instead of that some of the psychics narrate that they are cursed and would die if they don’t give their savings. There are some good and authentic psychics who provide such services free of charge. So, it is to understand properly that psychics are neither able to remove the curse nor they are able to give you any curse.

Psychics are normal

Psychics are not psychics all the time. There are people who say that if someone is a psychic then nothing bad can happen to them. The psychics can see the bad things coming in future and obviously they can predict their own future. Being a psychic is like a radio tuner. When one person is doing the readings, the client’s station is tuned to listen to the song that is being broadcasted. When the first person is done, he leaves the station and turn off the radio.

It is never advisable to listen to the psychic reading constantly. The intuitive abilities and the connection with the guides should be retained and they can easily connect whenever something important is needed. If the psychics gets connected 24/7 then he would go nuts and thus there is need of break. So, the psychics are not always like the psychics and this is important o understand. There is much such misconception about psychics reading.