Meaning And Types Of Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is an exact endeavor to figure out information by making use of intensified abilities of perception; or innate extensions of the fundamental human senses of touch, sight, taste, instinct, and sound. There are claims that these innate extensions are Claircognisance (existing knowledge), clairvoyance (vision), Clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling) and the resultant statements produced throughout such a trial. Despite the fact that controversies surround psychic readings, there has been persistence of a popular interest in them. Far-reaching experimentation to duplicate psychic results under laboratory conditions have recorded failure in discovering any phenomena that is precognitive in humans. Psychic readings are pseudoscience. Psychics are allowed, by a cold reading skill, to yield seemingly exact information concerning a person from wide statements and social perception.


Several types of psychic readings are in practice. Even though psychic readings might not include the use of any implements, it is possible for a professional psychic to possess one or more specialized fields of knowledge. Among the more frequent psychic readings are palm reading, astrological readings, aura readings, psychometry, email psychic reading, and Tarot reading.


Astrology: This is the old age study of the way in which far away objects in the cosmos, for example, the stars and planets, have influences on us. There is a belief that the position of the moon, planets, sun, and stars at the time of one’s birth has an effect on the person’s life. There is no requirement of psychic ability in astrology.


Aura reading: This has to do with perception and explanation of aura. Psychics claim to have the ability to read people’s aura.


Cartomancy or playing card reading: The act of divination or fortune-telling making use of a deck of cards is what is known as Cartomancy. An example of cartomancy is the Tarot.


Cleromancy: in cleromancy readings, small objects are usually cast and they are usually by through their mutual proximity, position, and orientation.


Distant Readings: otherwise called “remote perception” or “travelling clairvoyance”, distant readings may be conducted without any contact between the reader and client. Examples include SMS, Chat, Telephone, etc.


Lithomancy and Crystallomancy: With an unknown origin, lithomancy readings involve particularly appropriate stones and gems absorbed in water, or rolled as a set and read by common closeness. Also called crystal gazing, crystallomancy is a lately more frequent variant in which quartz is used as a crystal ball.


Numerology: This is the study of the supernatural meanings of numbers and the effects they have on human life. It is used in psychic readings.


Palm reading: This is a widely known form of psychic readings which involves the description and prediction of one’s future by studying the shapes, curves, wrinkles, and lines on the palm.


Psychometry: A type of psychic reading in which there is a claim by the reader to acquire details concerning someone through physical meeting with their possessions.


Rune reading: This involves studying ancient alphabets (runes) for discerning future occurrences.


Tarot Reading: it is common to find tarot readings at psychic exhibitions since they can be used as a cold reading tools or as a psychic, even though they do not need psychic abilities. Tarot cards are so popular today that they are commonly considered mainly as entertainment.


In conclusion, psychic readings, particularly the authenticity of the claims made, have been greatly challenged by skeptics, with many claiming that they are mere tricks.

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